"To find certain homes, you'll need a well-connected agent. You want someone who has an inside track.”
“You don’t want to miss out on a buyer because your listing wasn’t on the site that she uses,” 
"Sellers have to view their home as a product, no longer their home"
“Nowadays, you only have one shot to make a good impression, which is your online appeal,” 
“If you are not investing the time or energy to get it done then you really aren’t ready.”

logoWith more than a decade of varied experience in residential real estate across the US, real estate expert, author and established agent Brendon DeSimone introduces DeSimone & Co. The New York City based independent real estate firm provides individualized services and a hands-on approach to buying and selling NYC real estate—one of the world’s most challenging markets.

As a sought-after authority in the industry, Brendon, the firm’s principal agent, serves buyers and sellers as a trusted advisor. With his distinctly honest, direct style, Brendon has helped hundreds of clients successfully navigate the complexities and many steps of buying and selling.

An independent broker providing full service, DeSimone moves quickly, adds value and does what’s best for the client, without ever sacrificing the level of service. He follows a unique path, placing a focus on customizing marketing plans for each property, implementing flexible business structures and never taking a “one-size-fits all” approach. DeSimone appreciates that no two sellers, properties or transactions are alike and applies his strategy to create fair, equitable and personalized plans for each client. 

Brendon’s real estate practice has been informed and shaped by twelve years of experience in multiple markets, working on highly complex and sophisticated transactions in extremely competitive environments.

New York City real estate transactions are known to involve multiple, disparate parties and moving parts, and are often steeped in an antiquated set of processes that can work against the consumer. DeSimone works as an advocate for the best interests of his clients, providing a higher-quality experience with a fresh approach to real estate.

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What Clients Say About Brendon

“Brendon did not miss a beat. He stayed on top of everyone and everything and always had things done before I even knew it had to get done.”

Emma G

“Brendon has phenomenal real estate knowledge, expertise and energy. He expertly marketed and sold my property with fantastic results.”

Bevan Dufty, San Francisco Supervisor

“Brendon approaches things in a different way. I would not have closed on my home without him.”

Heather Marlow

“Brendon is personable, knowledgeable, and straightforward. I always knew what to expect.”

Merle Coffelt

“I learned more during a one-hour phone call with Brendon than I did working with 2 agents over six months. His knowledge and expertise go far beyond other Realtors.”

Peter G

“Brendon can spot a great opportunity that most might either miss or not understand as an opportunity.”

Heather Marlow

“Brendon treats the buying or selling of your home like it’s his own.”

Dan and Nina Scherotter

“Brendon’s marketing plan was right on target. Thanks to his advice, we got top dollar for our property.”

Bevan Dufty, San Francisco Supervisor

“Brendon created a winning situation for everyone involved. This ultimately saved the day.”

Adam B

“Brendon DeSimone has phenomenal energy and real estate expertise. He expertly marketed and sold my property with fantastic results.”

Bevan Dufty, San Francisco City Supervisor

“Brendon is a true advocate for his clients before, during, and after a transaction.”

Scott W

“Brendon helped us to see our home in the eyes of a potential buyer. It was hard to be objective but I trusted his advice and it paid off, big time.”

Heidi P