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National real estate expert Brendon DeSimone is licensed in both California and New York and has over 10 years of experience in residential real estate. He’s represented buyers and sellers in all types of markets. He’s seen it all.

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Real Estate Disclosure – What Happens If Seller Doesn’t Disclose?

Q: What are the typical rules regarding real estate disclosure? We bought a house months ago – one of the bedroom windows...

How to Sell a House Without a Realtor?

Q: We live in a small beach community north of Boston.  There is a home, just a few lots from the beach that has been languishing...

I’ve been a life-long renter. Is “now” a good time for me to attempt to buy real estate?

I’m 51 yrs old, and have been renting all of my life–asking for your opinion, do you think it’s good for...

When is the Best Time to Buy Real Estate?

When is the right time to buy? When is the market at the bottom or at the top? LG (Destin, FL) If I could predict the best...

Should I Be Concerned About a Satellite View of My Home When I Go to Sell It?

In looking at a satellite view of my home, it showed what appears to be our old (and in much need of repair) roof as well...

First Time Home Buyer – What is the first step?

We want to buy a house – where do we start? Talk to the bank or look at houses?

What percentage do you need for a down payment today?

I heard that 20% is the minimum required since banks tightened lending guidelines. Can I put down less than 20%?

When should I get preapproved for a loan?

I am looking to buy a home in the next year. At what point should I go through the pre-approval process?

Sell My Condo – Do I Need to Tell the HOA First?

I want to sell the condo I live in. Do I need to let the homeowners’ association know I’m selling?

Can I get my escrow deposit refunded?

What happens if I put my deposit in escrow but then I’m not sure I want to buy the house? Can I get my deposit back?

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