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Is ‘For Sale by Owner’ Right for You?

With so much information about homes online, many people wonder if they need a real estate agent at all. They want to save the 6 percent commission. And selling it themselves seems...


How to Get Multiple Offers on Your Home

You’ve probably heard that bidding wars are back. But even if sales are picking up in your market, it doesn’t mean you’ll automatically have multiple people interested in buying...


Are Open Houses Still Necessary in Real Estate?

In this digital era, are open houses still necessary in real estate? Listing agents often argue that they’ve become a waste of time because most people who attend are just ‘looky-loos.’...


Why Do Short Sales Still Take So Long?

The term “short sale” can be misleading. The truth is, many real estate agents call them “long-and-drawn-out sales” because they can seemingly take forever to close. So why...


Selling a House With Tenants

A tenant can make or break your property sale. You must plan well in advance and communicate openly with your tenant. In some cases, you might need to postpone the sale. Here’s what...


How to Break Up With a Real Estate Agent

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, the relationship with your agent is often more complicated than most business relationships. And as with any relationship, sometimes it doesn’t...


Who Owns the Land Beneath Your House?

Recently, in Tampa Bay, a family buying a home discovered at closing that the home builder had signed away the rights to the land underneath their home. The builder’s holding company,...


How to Buy Real Estate in 2014 (and Later)

Last year, you probably saw lots of up-and-down news reports and trend stories about the housing market. All this information can make it hard to know how to buy real estate, or when...


5 Ways to Work Around the Housing Inventory Shortage

Buyers are back in the game again, after years of sitting on the sidelines. The problem is, they’re facing a huge housing inventory shortage in many markets. So they make three of...


3 Tips on How to Negotiate Repairs After a Home Inspection

When you sign a real estate contract, the counter offers have been made. So it’s easy to assume that the deal will go on auto-pilot until closing. But that’s not the reality....

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