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Real Estate Expert Brendon DeSimone

Real estate expert Brendon DeSimone has assisted buyers, sellers and investors with over $500M in residential real estate transactions over the course of ten years. His syndicated real estate column, via the Zillow Blog, appears in 250 daily newspapers and top media sites online.

Licensed to sell real estate in two states, Brendon has been involved in the purchase and sale of all types of residential real estate, from modest suburban single family homes to multi-million dollar New York City condos. He’s advised clients through all types of markets–during periods of low interest rates and frantic mortgage refinancing; in economic slowdowns and booms; and in buyers’ markets and sellers’ markets.

A former executive at a Silicon Valley start-up, Brendon has a business and tech savviness that goes well beyond most Realtors. As a real estate investor himself, he owns properties across the U.S. in states as diverse as Alabama and Nevada, as well as abroad.

As a weekly contributor to the Zillow Blog, Brendon’s real estate expert advice reaches over 50 million people per month. Because of his enthusiasm, energy, and up-to-the-minute knowledge of real estate trends, Brendon is a regularly featured expert on national television shows on FOX News, Bloomberg, FOX Business, Good Morning America, as well as on local news programs. In addition, Brendon has made multiple appearances on top-rated HGTV programs including Bang For Your Buck, National Open House, Curb Appeal, and My House is Worth What? Learn more and watch clips of Brendon DeSimone on TV.

Brendon is an entrepreneur at heart. At age 10, he pioneered a successful delivery service aimed at local businesses in his Connecticut hometown. Prior to becoming a realtor, he was one of the first employees at iPass, a leading enterprise mobility services company.

Brendon is a member of the San Francisco Association of Realtors, California Association of Realtors and the National Association of Realtors.